Celebrating 60 years of the Mini

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the British motoring classic - the Mini. The first model, the Mini 621 AOK, was produced in 1959 after the Suez Crisis lead to fuel rationing, meaning motorists were only allowed 4 gallons of fuel per month. There was suddenly a demand for small, efficient city cars. Since then, over 5.3 million units have been sold, making it by far the most popular British car of all time.

We worked with a number of motoring museums across the country to put together a collection to commemorate this special date in British history:

Beaulieu Motor Museum National Mini Day

Beaulieu kicked things off in style with their National Mini Day in June, which featured a huge range of cars from 1959 up to the modern models. The great gift shop display shows off their wide selection of garments and designs, along with several of the 60th anniversary editions.

Haynes International Motor Museum

Haynes proudly put the Mini in the spotlight with a month of events and stocked the t-shirts alongside. The Mini is a bold symbol of British history, so we needed to create designs to match.

British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum holds the world's largest collection of historic British cars, so it’s no wonder that hundreds of international visitors and enthusiasts alike flocked to their Metro & Mini show.

Commercial Director Nigel braved the weather to go along to the International Mini Meeting last weekend, aptly supporting the occasion in one of our designs.