#Behind The Seams - New Forest Heritage Centre

The New Forest Heritage Centre is dedicated to sharing the history and traditions of the New Forest in Lyndhurst. This year, they have been concentrating on applying their new and contemporary branding to their gift range, and that’s where we came in!

When we started working with them, we wanted to make sure we created a sophisticated range that reflected the natural beauty and elegance of the area. We worked closely with Giles Gould, General Manager, to come up with several different designs incorporating the wildlife prevalent in the area accompanied by a simple script. The final result is a contemporary and classic array that we applied to t-shirts, beanies, caps, hooded sweatshirts, bags and more!

The intricate details can all be ideally captured with embroidery, and the thicker items such as hoodies can handle the high thread count stitching. We selected garments in earthy tones that would compliment the location and surroundings. They serve as a great memento and visitors are reminded of the beauty of the New Forest whenever they look at their garments.

The New Forest Heritage Centre were also keen to make sure they had a bit of fun! We loved creating these mare and foal cartoons to print on their adult and kids tees. We kept the forest-themed colours for the garments, but selected vibrant, bold shades that really make the designs ‘pop’! Paired with a funky font, the products are fun, youthful and a hit with the younger visitors. They are packaged up in the bespoke New Forest Heritage Centre wraps, so visitors can rest assured they are doing their bit to help the environment by saying no to single-use plastics.

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