#Behind The Seams - The Cotswold Motoring Museum

A trio of classics

Colour is key for The Cotswold Motoring Museum, so we worked with them to create designs that are guaranteed to fly (or drive!) off the shelves. For museums, full colour designs, photographs and special effect inks are always in demand, and our DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printer is perfect for this type of intricate artwork. We also package all of their tees in bespoke wraps, as they do their bit to move away from single-use plastics.

Paying homage to the Mini

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the British motoring classic - the Mini. What better way to celebrate this iconic car than with a custom range of t-shirts? We worked with The Cotswold Motoring Museum to put together a number of styles to sell in their gift shop for the occasion.